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"Jody Stapleton has always had an ear for the past and a finger on today's pulse. With the Stapletons a decade ago, Stapleton made Psyche-fueled Garage Rock that sounded vaguely phase shifted from another time and yet completely fresh, a talent that earned them CEA awards for Best New Act and Rock Band Of The Year in 2001 and 2003 respectively. With his new outfit, Jody Stapleton And The Generals, Stapleton is similarly tapped into bygone days, this time the sunshine-on-your-shoulder days of 70's AM radio, combined with a modern sensibility and approach."

Dig: Paul Westerberg listening to a transitor radio tuned permanently to 1973.

(BB- CityBeat)

"If you wax nostalgic about the musical style of the 1970s, well, then Jody Stapleton and the Generals is where you should start getting your modern day fix. The four piece has mastered that decade of sound, but has also added some upbeat, modern pop beats into the mix to create a well-rounded, enjoyable experience."